Nonprofit Homeless Assistance ProviderJohn EckstromShelter, Inc.
Nonprofit Homeless Assistance ProviderKatrina MorrowCircle of Friends
Faith-Based RepresentativeScott MulveyCity Church 2:42
Government RepresentativeShelley Tiran, Vice ChairCity of Fairfield
Government RepresentativeTamara ColdenCity of Vacaville
Government RepresentativeJudy Shepard-Hall, SecretaryCity of Vallejo
Government RepresentativeVacantCity of Benicia
Government RepresentativeKathy Lawton-CaesarCity of Suisun City
Government RepresentativeVacantCity of Rio Vista
Government RepresentativeSandy RoseCounty of Solano
Government RepresentativeVacantCity of Dixon
Educational RepresentativeKimberly GoviCounty of Solano Office of Education
Mental Health Provider RepresentativeTranine ChisomCaminar, Inc.
Affordable Housing Developer RepresentativeMaurilio LeónCHOC Housing
Law Enforcement RepresentativeOfficer Michael AmbroseFairfield Police Department
Veterans Services RepresentativeLori BowleyVeterans Administration
Homeless or Formerly Homeless RepresentativeReginald Doss 3rd Degree Grace
Homeless or Formerly Homeless RepresentativeJoey Carrizales3rd Degree Grace
​At-Large RepresentativeKari RaderCommunity Action North Bay
At-Large RepresentativeColleen Berumen, ChairOpportunity House
Business RepresentativeDebi TaveyFairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce
Health Service Provider RepresentativeMadonna Garcia-CrowleyLa Clinica de la Raza

Housing First Solano utilizes committees to help it complete its mission. Committee membership is open to all members of Housing First Solano. If you are interested in any of these committees, please visit the "contact us" page and fill out the join form.​

More than 1,100 people in Solano County currently experience homelessness. Housing First Solano wants to change that.


We have a simple mission: find homes for those without. This goal seems simple, but could not be more complicated. High rents to the Bay Area, low housing stock, and a lack of affordable service options prevent many from affording a place to live. Housing First Solano works to solve that problem by connecting housing developers, mental and health service providers, and social services to effectively deliver the kind of help people need at the time they need it.

Housing First Solano is guided by its Charter, available here.  Other Housing First Governance documents include its Written Standards for Service.

This is not a comprehensive list of HFS CoC members. This list represents those members who requested that their contact information be added to the CoC website. If you would like to add or remove your contact information, please email

Housing First Solano Board

OrganizationNameContact Information
Shelter IncJohn, 925-957-7595
Shelter IncLeslie, 925-957-7596
Shelter IncFrank
County of SolanoDebbie Vaughn707-784-6100
City Church 2:42Scott Mulvey707-436-2172
City of FairfieldShelley Tiran, CoC Board, 707-428-7609
City of VallejoJudy, 707-648-4408
City of Vallejo Housing AuthorityRachael Frederick
United Way Bay AreaLaura Escobar
House of PurposeAltheia, 707 208-7831
St. Basil Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Charmaine Ferraz
Edge Community ChurchMichael
Caminar, Inc.Tranine, 707-425-7036
Caminar, Inc.Angelica
Resource Connect SolanoKandy Piresburt
Fairfield Police DepartmentMichael
MedMark Treatment Centers
Raymond Courtemanche, 707-435-9911
Joey Carrizales, 707-812-9910
Opportunity House/Vacaville Social Services Co.
Colleen Berumen, 707-447-1988

Performance and Evaluation

The Performance and Evaluation committee evaluates the policies and procedures used to score projects that receive Housing First Solano funding. The Department of Housing and Urban Development mandates Continuums of Care create a non-biased, performance based review and rank process resulting in a prioritized listing of local projects.

The Performance and Evaluation committee reviews the tools used to score projects for the priority listing. The scoring tool includes objective metrics generated from data inputted into the Homeless Management Information System as well as subjective metrics provided by the participating projects through narrative responses in the Local Application. The Performance and Evaluation committee creates the scoring metrics and local application questions with an eye towards local and federal goals and priorities.

The Performance and Evaluation committee also creates the procedure for the review and rank competition. These procedures allow each project to equally participate in the competition and be ranked solely based on performance. Participating projects have an opportunity to appeal any scoring decision before it is final. These procedures also apply to the Mid-Year Review and Rank designed to give participating programs interim feedback prior to the Continuum of Care Competition.

Who We Are


Coordinated Entry

No one should be denied access to services simply because they showed up after someone else. Coordinated Entry seeks to eliminate arbitrary reasons for service denial as well as streamline the delivery of services to ensure those who need help the most get it. Coordinated Entry is a high priority for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Coordinated Entry committee works to develop Housing First Solano's coordinated entry infrastructure. The committee also develops the tools used to assess client vulnerability. Finally, the committee works to develop the procedures providers will follow as coordinated entry is implemented across Solano County.

Housing First Solano General Membership 

Governance Committee

Any functioning organization requires solid foundational documents. The Governance Committee reviews Housing First Solano's governing documents on an annual basis to make sure they meet the organization's needs. Governing documents include the bylaws, the policies and procedures for the Homeless Management Information System, and Housing First Solano's policies for prioritizing persons in housing. The Governance Committee ensures these documents align with Housing First Solano's Charter and its mission to end homelessness in Solano County.

Strategic Planning Committee

Housing First Solano is working with the entire County of Solano in creating a five year plan to address poverty and homelessness. The Strategic Planning Committee will work to develop this plan by providing insight and expertise from a provider's perspective in this broader planning effort. For more information this committee please click here.